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Tick Control & Extermination
If you have pets or live near a wooded area, it is likely that you will eventually have a tick control issue. Ticks are more than just annoying blood-sucking pests. They are the second largest carrier of diseases, and just one spot behind mosquitoes. Ticks spread diseases to humans and other animals because as they feed,  germs make their way into their host. These pests use animal blood to grow and reproduce.

Any areas that have common visits from wild animals such as deer and birds will have ticks. Ticks wait on grass blades, brush, and other items for a host to come along. They attach with their front legs and then slowly make their way to a feeding location on the host.
A tick will remain attached for feeding unless detected on their host and removed.

By keeping the outside area around a building free of brush, leaves, and tall grass, ticks have a tougher time making their way inside. 

Sometimes however,  prevention methods are simply not enough.and
Professional Tick Control Treatments are required for more severe tick problems.  In these occasions chemical sprays may be used for both killing and prevention.

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