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Pantry Month & Clothing Moth Extermination
While Moths can ruin clothing and food, we have the skill and experience to handle these insects and the others that find their way into your home.

The presence of a moth in your does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the housekeeper. Moths, including Indian Meal Moths, Grain Moths, Flour Moths (Pantry Moths) and Clothing Moths, love to live in dark and humid places where they are not disturbed for long periods as this gives them the time and freedom to eat our clothes and food. These insects can be brought into homes in packaged foods, although they may enter from outside sources, or from adjacent apartments.

Meal moths do significant damage to stored flour, meal, and other grain products. Some adult moths can fly but most are carried inside on packaging. Homes or facilities with improperly stored, spilled or exposed food products will attract the insects. 

The Grain mothIt attacks both grains in the field and in storage, but only whole kernels.  is a pest of stored grain and can be active at low temperatures, causing considerable damage during the winter months to barley, rye, corn, oats, rice and various seeds. 

Cloths moths infest closets, drawers and storage areas as well as rugs, wall hangings and upholstery. The damage occurs when larvae feed on certain animal-based fabrics like wool and silk. Sanitation and attention to how fabrics are stored are the keys to clothes moth control.

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