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​Getting rid of Stinging Insects can be a dangerous task and it's often best left to the professionals. Preventing Stinging Pests from invading your property can also be very difficult because of the foraging nature of these insects and the conditions under which they live and breed. Our Extermination services are customized to deal with these insects on your property and specific circumstances. 

There are many species of stinging insects that range from the beneficial Honeybee and parasitic Wasp, to the invasive European Paper Wasp. And without training, it may be difficult to identify which species of Bee, Wasp, or Hornet you are dealing with.

Once the insect is properly identified, an appropriate treatment solution can be customized depending upon the nest location, and the species involved.  While there are many Do It Yourself methods and products available to remove Stinging Insects, without proper treatment, many species such as Yellow Jackets and Paper Wasps will rebuild if the entire nest is not completely eradicated.

Most of the time these insects are considered more of a nuisance than a danger, but some species do pack a powerful sting. Given enough of these stings and the individual’s allergic reaction to it and age, they could become dangerous.
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